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How to Dry Blast Zone Water Slides

Permeable materials are required for proper use of continuous airflow inflatables. All Blast Zone inflatables are manufactured with permeable materials, therefore, water could possibly build up inside the inflatable unit. Prior to storing, Blast Zone recommends the following instructions in order to empty and dry your inflatable.

1) Turn Off the Water Supply

Water should no longer flow through the sprayers, so make sure the water source has been completely turned off.

The most commonly used water source is a garden hose.
How to Dry Blast Zone Water Slides

2) Empty Main Pool

Use the following three suggested methods to drain the water from the main pool, which are also illustrated in the photos to the right.
  • Keep the unit inflated and step on the main pool wall at its lowest point of elevation, which allows water to flow out.
  • Turn off the blower. This will cause the pool walls to collapse, allowing the water to flow out.
  • Keep the unit inflated, lifting and tipping the unit slightly, which will allow water to flow out of the main pool area.
There is no right or wrong way to empty the water from the main pool area; however a combination of the above steps can be used. It will help tremendously if there is a drain close by.

A submergible pump can also be used, with the opposite end of the hose placed inside an outdoor drain. This method can be used if you do not want excessive amounts of water draining through your lawn.

Proper care should be taken during the draining process; especially if the slide is used frequently. Excessive water may cause damage to your lawn over time.

How to Dry Blast Zone Water Slides

3) Drying the Outside of the Unit

Once the water from the main pool has been drained, re-inflate the unit and tie off any air outlets. Run the inflatable until no further bubbles appear on the seams, and the material is visibly dry on the outside.
How to Dry Blast Zone Water Slides

4) Check for Internal Water

If there is a substantial amount of water inside the main bladder of the inflatable, which is rare, please go to Step 5. If not, you can skip to Step 6.
How to Dry Blast Zone Water Slides

5) Removing Water from Inside the Unit

Guide the water towards the outlet tube keeping the unit inflated. This process can take some time because the water will need to “bleed” through a series of permeable membranes before reaching the outlet tube.

In order for the excess water inside the unit to flow out, untie the shorter outlet tube that is not connected to the blower (pictured to the right).
How to Dry Blast Zone Water Slides

6) Drying the Inside of the Unit

Open the secondary air tube to dry the unit from the inside out. Air needs to circulate throughout the inflatable until the inside is dry. To see if there is any visible moisture inside, look through the secondary outlet tube.
How to Dry Blast Zone Water Slides

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